Friday, November 10, 2006

Ask FS! 11/11

In honor of Rememberance Day, today's Ask FS is simply
Remember Brooks Laich? What the heck ever happened to him?

Brooks has been having a rough year. After a campaign last year that saw him never a healthy scratch, and eventually win the Calder Cup, Brooks has apparently hasn't been "Laiched"-ed much by the coaches much this year. Through 15 games by the Caps, Laich has been a scratch in 5 games, including the last 3. The Big difference is Laich's defense. Last year, Brooks was a -9 in 73 games. This year, Brooks is already a -6, and last on the team, on pace for -46 on the season. Not looking good. If Brooks wants to work his way back into the lineup, back into the good graces of the coaches, and back into the hearts of his fans, he needs to work on his defense, and not all the offense that he worked on in the offseason.

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