Monday, November 06, 2006

Ask FS! 11/6

So, to introduce another gig I used to do elsewhere, I shall give you the opportunity to ask me a question on any topic you want. Questions may be submitted to the comments section below, or to me personally. Today's question is a rather basic one.

What's with the move of Ask FS?

"Ask FS" (formerly known as 'Ask FlyersSuck') had to move due to editorial constraints. This segment is supposed to be a forum where people can ask me whatever they want, and can receive an honest, albeit sometimes hilarious answer. When the man steps in and prevents me from maintaining an open dialogue, it becomes time to move on. This blog shall now be the new home of ask FS, before every Capitals game, and sometimes before other games, and sometimes whenever I receive a good question. If you've got a question for FS, fire away. My preview of tonight's game will be up later today.


Netsy said...

Yeah, screw The Man!

unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Flyers Suck,
Some people say you only started this blog to spread malicious rumours about Nestrak.

SOME people say you are bitter at your recent election loss.

some PEOPLE say you think netsrak is a poopy stink monkey.

some people SAY you think he is more of a spheroid syphoning rooster simian

Which is it Mr. Sucks?

The public demand and deserve answers.

Your friend in Jebus

A. S. Nopancake

FS said...

If I only started this to get back at Netsy, why did it start before the election, or before he started censoring my "Ask FS segments?"

I started a blog, people started censoring comments, "new blog = moving old stuff." This blog is an attempt at serious writing, something of a departure for me. You can probably count the jokes on here on one hand. Because of that, I probably won't keep "Ask FS" around that long, because it doesn't really have a place here, in terms of tone. I'll probably let it fade away.

Netsy said...

Will this blog feature any erotic poetry?