Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ask FS! 11/9

Today's question comes from Jill in Baltimore, who asks

What is your take on the fact that the number of European players coming into the league and excelling at an increasing rate?
Jill, I think the increased level has to do with individual GMs around the league become more comfortable with drafting European players. Aside from the current IIHF snafu with Russia, GMs have very little concerns with drafting European players. Teams have drastically ramped up their European scouting systems, and teams have developed theories and templates about what skill sets in Europe translate well across the Atlantic with each success and failure. For every Alexander Volchkov, there's been a Alexander Ovechkin, and teams are learning to tell the difference.

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Netsy said...

What, no Semin joke? No "hilarious answer"? I'm so disillusioned...