Sunday, December 31, 2006

I've never been so happy to be wrong.

Brashear: 1 game
Morrisonn: Nothing
Orr: Five Games

at least, accourding to Tarik.

I loves it when I'm right. In this case, I love it even more when I'm wrong. Good to see the NHL understands that Morrisonn was standing up for a teammate, and not the individual starting trouble.

Word on the street is that Ward had some rather insensitive words for Brashear, which lead to Brash's penalty being short. Of course, if this was a racial slur, I want to know where Ward's suspension. Caps fans remember in the mid 90s when the Caps lost Simon for one game and Berube for three games for insensitive language. Has the league lightened its stance on racial remarks? That'd be interesting. I guess we won't know without knowing what was said.

Hopefully they'll have some words for Kevin Pollock, who called Colton Orr's initial penalty as a simple "charging." Well, I'll take victories where I can get them these days.

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