Thursday, January 11, 2007

"I'm talking about a Whole Lot of History . . ."

Sometimes the league just sickens me. Look at the this article from, and explain to me this part:
Crosby, the League’s leading scorer with 64 points in 37 games, is joined by five other first-time starters in the Eastern Conference starting lineup.

Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin, who nipped Crosby for the Calder Trophy last season, will play one of the wings. Ovechkin, who earned the most votes by a Russian since fan balloting began, has a League-high 26 goals this season and scored 100 points last season, the first rookie to turn that trick in 13 years.

Three step process time, kiddos.

1. Let's look at this quote right here: "Ovechkin, who nipped Crosby for the Calder Trophy last season."

2. Now, let's look at the final voting for the Calder: "Ovechkin got 124 of 129 first-place votes and earned 1,275 points in the balloting. Crosby, who received four first-place votes, had 831 points (thanks mostly to 95 second-place votes)." Shoot, Ovechkin got twenty-five percent more first place votes than Crosby got first and second place votes combined!

3. Let's look at the dictionary! The word Nip is defined as: "to defeat (an opponent) by a very close margin; edge."

Analysis: Remember the old song from Sesame Street? Which one of these things doesn't belong here? Well let me explain. When one person takes more than 96% of the first place votes, and the other person takes 3% of the first place votes, that's a runaway. That's a landslide. That's not "nipping." The NHL and it's determination to place Crosby on a Pedestal is starting to sicken me.

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