Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ask FS! 3/22/07

Welcome back loyal readers! It's time once again for the only online column to ever climb K2, it's "Ask FS!" Today's question comes from Danielle, in Des Moines. Danielle asks,
Of the teams in the playoff race, who would you like to see in the Stanley Cup?"
Great question Danielle! The teams that FS always cheers for the in the playoffs are the teams that have less exposure in the NHL, haven't had playoff success in the last few years, and have players I like.

Right off the bat, I can eliminate Toronto, Pittsburgh, the Rangers, Montreal, Detroit, and Buffalo for their league-wide over exposure. I can eliminate Carolina, Tampa, and Calgary for their recent successes. I can eliminate the Ducks because I don't like Pronger and Getzlaf. I can eliminate Atlanta because I hate Bob Hartley.

That leaves us with:

New Jersey
New York Islanders

in the East.

In the West that leaves us with
San Jose

So looking at those teams, "Ask FS" is hoping for a New Jersey/Nashville final. That should tick off the suits in the NHL front offices sufficiently, it'll help both cities, Nashville to boost attendance, New Jersey to gain some forward momentum as they move into the Prudential Center this fall.

Thanks for the question Danielle, it's always great to hear from a female hockey fan! Until next time, "Let's Go Caps!"


Caps Nut said...

Do you like movies about gladiators?

Anonymous said...

I guess the Caps will not be going to the playoffs this year while the good ole Penguins are in the mix.
Will Ovechkin kiss the crowd during his last game of the year.
I heard he is more concerned about playing for team russia in the world championships.
Another season of rebuilding...

Meghann said...

Kiss the crowd?

He blows a kiss after he scores for his dead brother.

Why does everyone hate on Ovy?

I guess maybe because he has a personality, he needs to be dull like Sid the Kid.

Anonymous said...

Ovechkin has had a very bad season. It is because of his ego that the Caps did not amount to anything this year. He is more concerned about his own points than actual team production. Trade the bum when the time arises.