Friday, March 30, 2007

Ask FS! 3/30/07

Welcome back loyal readers! It's time once again for the greatest online column ever, it's Ask FS! Today's question comes to us from Donald in Orlando, Florida.
Which Capitals would you give end of the year superlatives to? Who would get what?
Wow, what a question Donald! Knowing that the end of the year was right around the corner, I've already got end of the year superlatives for the Caps prepared!

Team Suck-Up
Chris Clark

Most Philanthropic
Olaf Kolzig

Worst Speller
Shoane Morrisonn

Best Hair
Brian Sutherby

Weight Pusher
Ben Clymer

Most Penalty Minutes
Donald Brashear

Best Arm
Alexander Semin

Class Clown
Alexander Ovechkin

The Happy Trails Award
Bryan Muir

The Joel Kwiakowski Award
Steve Eminger

Well that's all for this year folks. In another week or so, I'll have my end of the year awards, both legit, and not so legit. If you've got a question you'd like to see in a future edition of "Ask FS!" just leave it in the comments section below, or email it to me via the link provided in my profile. Until next time, "Let's Go Caps!"

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