Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oooh! A controversy!

Apparently my personal opinion on the Cam Janssen hit isn't too popular north of the border! With all the unrequested attention, I want to personally thank Maple Leaf fans for screaming and hollering, as I have had a couple of big days here at "Bettman Hates Hockey!" The blog has been making the rounds north of the border as Leafs fans have bombarded me with offensive comments. The ones that didn't threaten my life were left below for those interested. It's nice to know that using the internet to hide behind comments that would otherwise be illegal is not just a dream that is popular in the lower 48.

At the end of the day, I want to ask Maple Leaf fans one simple question.

What was so dirty about the hit?

It may have been a slight bit late, but that was it. If one wants to go by a strict interpretation of the rules, the hit was less than half a second late. Remember that once a pass is made, it is still legal to hit someone until the pass is received by it's intended target. On cross-ice passes, this means that the window for hitting something is wider on long passes.

The only reason the hit was so high was because Kaberle bent over. Janssen is shorter than Kaberle, so there's no other way it would have been a head shot.

It was only a hit from behind because Kaberle turned into it. Again, if you hit someone from behind, the NHL rulebook says it's not dirty if the defender was turning into it.

I've seen all these people complain and complain and complain, saying it was "an hour late" and "incredibly dirty" and I simply respond with "Why?" The hit wasn't dirty. It was simply too good.

I used to really respect the Maple Leafs. I didn't like them that much, but they were an extremely physical team that always finished their checks and weren't afraid to back down. They also had a couple of cheap shot artists on the team, and delivered two or three hits per game that could be considered borderline. Teams didn't want to play the leafs because people got injured. Ask Sergei Gonchar, who was assaulted by a flying elbow and knocked out for the season without any suspension. Things have changed. Vets such as Gilmour, Domi, Robers, et al have moved on, as have key role players that fit the Maple Leaf's mold, like Reichel and Nieuwendyk and the Leafs aren't the hard hitting team they used to be. Now they sit around and whine to the media when other teams finish their hits on them. And that's just sad.


Anonymous said...

“The blog has been making the rounds north of the border as Leafs fans have bombarded me with offensive comments.”

Actually, I think it was hockey fans in general as most people thought the hit was illegal. The league gave him a suspension and now the situation is in the hands of the Maple leafs to react properly when they face the Devils next.

“What was so dirty about the hit?”
It was a delayed hit. I am not sure how you figure it was not a delay.
Cam should have skated up with the play like any normal player (but then again he is not the most talented player on the team. I mean the only team where he would get more than 10 minutes of ice a game is the Washington Capitals)
But he went out of his way to take out Kaberle. There is an unwritten rule that you do not go after stars. No one said the Leafs have been perfect in the past, but what team has?

“The only reason the hit was so high was because Kaberle bent over.”
Bent over? Players always skate with their knees bent and the fact is Kaberle never even saw him coming.

“Teams didn't want to play the leafs because people got injured.”
I have never ever heard such a thing. In fact the opposite is true. The leafs are the most popular team in hockey. Teams love playing the leafs for the intensity and the competition. If you are going to make such a statement, you should actually back it up with examples. I guess that must have been a direct quote from Jagr when you guys had him. Oh by the way, how does it feel to know your team is still paying him?

“Vets such as Gilmour, Domi, Robers, et al have moved on”
Gilmour retired as a Maple Leaf.
Domi retired as a Maple Leaf
Gary Roberts wanted to be traded to Toronto this before the trade deadline.
Players have taken salary cuts to play for the Leafs – O’Neil, Peca, and recently Darcy Tucker.
If Ovechkin was in a similar situation where he could play for other teams and make more money do you really think he would take a pay cut to stay with Capitals?

“Now they sit around and whine to the media when other teams finish their hits on them. And that's just sad.”
Who is doing all this whining to the media? You need to be more specific and your opinions are way off. I seriously see there is a bit of jealousy towards the leafs on your side. Obviously, from supporting an organization that has been “rebuilding” for so many years and has not moved forward one bit must be a tad frustrating. Ovechkin is a great player but you have to come to terms with the fact that he will be leaving Washington and will probably end up out west in order to play for a more successful team where fans actually exist. He plays hard but anyone in the hockey world clearly sees he is not happy on a team where the average attendance of a big game is lower than a Toronto Maple Leaf daytime practice.

Just keep stereotyping the Leafs, their fans, the media etc and sooner or later you will wake up and reality will kick in. You keep twisting the truth around to reflect your image of reality. Your opinions on the leafs sounds like something you would hear on ESPN. You have lots to say, but have never really said anything.

Rick said...

Look, at least he was doing something that belongs in a hockey game: checking. (well, it along with goaltending and anything that isn't flashy passing doesn't belong according to some)

And for the Leafs fans, of all people, to complain is hypocrisy at it's most blatant. This is the team of Darcy Tucker, and, formerly, of Tie Domi.

As another Canadian might say, isn't it ironic?

Anonymous said...

"And for the Leafs fans.."

Oh yeah that Tucker guy.. I tell you
What has he done this year
-one of the top scorers on the team but yet missed almost
2 months of hockey
-has the most powerplay goals on the team
-signed for 4 years for 2 million less than what he was worth
-he will stand up for any team mate
-has matured as a player and his controversial hits hardly exist anymore (hopefully that will change after the next Leafs vs Devils match up)

What Tucker has not done
-He has never blew a kiss at the crowd for shoot out goal that never even won the game
-Blows kisses every single goal
-Blew a kiss at the Great One
-Has simply lost interest in his team because they are not going to the playoffs
-Is not looking forward to playing for his country in the World Championships because he is first and foremost a Maple Leaf. While others will be on their first flight out when the regular season ends

Tucker has matured and has steadily improved as a player. He plays with heart and can really get a team going.

Anonymous said...

If it was a LEAF you would be saying it was just finishing a check. Will LEAF fans still be cryinng about this when they miss the playoffs? Will that be what they blame it on?

Anonymous said...

Well if they dont make the playoffs it is very simple: another team was better than them and was able to get those final spots.
It has nothing to do with the incident.

I see the Capitals are in a hunt as well...
If they keep losing the way they have, they may finish below the Flyers.

Anonymous said...

great article, great points. leaf fans are just bitter because it's 40 years now since a championship. my how the mighty have fallen. this has given them something else to direct their bitterness towards. no coincidence that the team they're badmouthing now is the most successful hockey team in the last 10 years....think they're a little jealous maybe?

Meghann said...

Ovy blows kisses every time he scores for his brother who was killed in a car accident.

Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't know Wayne Gretky was his dead brother? Damn, better call the Ghosthunters. I can respect Ovechkin's intentions about his brother, but there have been more than several times he's done that as a taunting gesture more so than a tribute to his brother.

As for the Leafs "directing bitterness" at "the most successful hockey team in the last 10 years...." That is wrong on two counts. 1 it would not matter what the the team guy played on that hit Kabs. 2. The Wings have won more Cups than the Devils in that time period, plus the Wings sell out every game and the fans support their team all year around, not just after the 2nd round when all the Rangers and Isles "fans" jump on the bandwagon. Sure make cracks about the Leafs not winning the Cup in 40 years, but I think it's pretty sad that a team wins 3 cups since '95 and is still relocated 50 miles away.

Meghann said...

Again, Ovy did it for his brother and it was misinterpreted.

I don't even know why you are hating on Ovy, he has nothing to do with this. And he really showed he lost interest in his team with those two goals he scored last night.

Anonymous said...

There is no real hate on Ovechkin. He is a great player no doubt.
He should look good in a blue and white uniform since that is where he always wanted to play.

Meghann said...

Ok, it just seemed like there was some, especially reguarding the post comparing him and Tucker.

He is young, and he really wants to lead the Caps team. You really can't bust on him too much for wanting the Caps to be sucessful.

FS said...

As far as Ovechkin "always wanting to play in Toronto," that's something he says in every single city when interviewed by the opposing media. He's said the same about Montreal, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Calgary, Vancouver, etc. etc. etc.

His favorite team growing up was actually the Sharks.

Anonymous said...

I heard his favourite player was Owen Nolan as well?

Anonymous said...

Meg (can I call you that?),
here seems to be hating on Ovechkin. The whole point is defending Tucker.
Sure he has had a few controversial hits in the past, but he has developed into a true leader of the leafs.
Anyone that insults his way of playing in the last two years, obviously has not seen him play.
How many players would give up 2 million a year and a chance to play for a contender just to remain with his own franchise?

Hopefully for your sake, Ovechkin will do the same for the Caps.

Anonymous said...

The only taunting gesture I recall Ovy making was putting his hand to his ear a la Hulk Hogan when he scored in Buffalo. The kiss to the sky is no different than hugging your teammates.

And also, to continue the fight, ZOMG TORONTOW IS SOOOO BAD TEY SUX OMGWTFFFF

Meghann said...

What? I am not hating on Ovy at all.

FS said...

Question for Leafs fans. If Janssen scores 10 goals next year, does that mean he's automatically forgiven for the hit, in your eyes? That seems to be the defense for Tucker.

Anonymous said...

"Question for Leafs fans. If Janssen scores 10 goals next year, does that mean he's automatically forgiven for the hit, in your eyes? That seems to be the defense for Tucker."

You simply don't get it do you?
From reading a few of your posts it is pretty easy to see that you have probably played the skin flute a few times.
What is the defense for Tucker?
It was made clear that maybe in the past he made a couple questionable hits and no one has denied that. But he has turned into a true leader. Something the Capitals are lacking.
Kolzig certainly gets my vote for the Caps leader but thats about it.
You cap fans whine and complain and bitch more and think that the NHL takes care of the leafs etc.
I remember after the big hit on Gonchar and every cap fan was all about getting Tucker back.
So the leafs come to town and embarass your team with a 5-2 victory. The good ole Tucker gets 2 goals.

You should not comment on any other team in the NHL except the Caps because you basically post a summary of what ESPN may have to say.

Get a life homo.

Anonymous said...

Question for you FS..
Do you think Ovechkin will ever realize that plays actually take place in ones zone? I mean jeez a little bit of back checking may help the team out but then again it will not help his popularity.

Do I smell the next Jagr?

Anonymous said...

Actually Ovechkin said he wanted to play in Toronto even before the Caps won the #1 pick.

He likes the attention paid to hockey in those cities. All the media talks about in Washington is basketball and the Redskins. In fact he's done more radio spots in Toronto than in DC, and he works several times a year with Alex Steen in charity events up there.

As for "forgiving Tucker" he dishes it out and he takes it. Nothing to forgive. "That's hockey" he'll say when he's been on the wrong end of cheap hit. Janssen will never get 10 goals in the NHL unless he cleans up his game. Kinda hard to score goals when your running players 40 feet behind the play. Janssen keeps playing the way he's playing he'll either end up on the bench, the AHL, or the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Meghann, you should stop the hating on Ovechkin.
He is not show off like you mentioned.

Meghann said...

Um, ok...that is EXACTLY what I said.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but why would you say it? He will develop more as time goes by

Anonymous said...

I hate Ovechkin.

Someone's going to kick that cocky bastard's ass.

Meghann said...

I <3 Ovy. He is one of my favorite players in te NHL, probably my favorite player who is not a Devil.

Anonymous said...

Meghann, I didnt realize you were such a big Tucker fan.

Meghann said...

I love Tucker, especially after his classy remarks reguading the Janssen situation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was very classless of Tucker. How dare him say he wants revenge for what that piece of shit did to Kab.
Did you honestly expect Tucker to praise Cam?
The bottom line is Cam is an AWFUL hockey player and is basically a nowbody.

Anonymous said...

Hey leaf fans, im a montreal fan and support the idea that it was a brutal hit.
Tie Domi should come out of retirement beat the hell out of that punk.

Meghann said...

Hey, someone made the smart-ass remark that I love Tucker, so I merely replied with a sarcastic comment of my own.

It isn't like Tucker will really have anyone to go after, they are all already injured. :P

Anonymous said...

He just needs to go after putting the puck in the net. bottom line

Anonymous said...

Nice game by the Leafs in the return match against the Devs.

They kept it classy and won 2-1.

It would be interesting to see the Leafs and Devs meet in the playoffs and watch Raycroft out-duel that sister-in-law f**king prat Broduer.