Monday, March 12, 2007

A quick note from tonight's game against the Thrashers.

Not feeling like wandering downstairs to actually turn on a TV, I decided to listen to the game against the Thrasher. Approximately 8 seconds into Steve Kolbe's broadcast, I flipped over to the Atlanta feed. The Thrasher's radio guy is quite good when compared to Kolbe. He may not be Ron Webber, but he's certainly a breath of fresh air, and surprisingly candid. So I wonder, are there any fans out there that love their radio play by play guy, not so much for their homerness, the last thing the world needs is another Rick Jeannerette, but rather one for their ability to candidly call a game without being a massive homer that makes me want to punch them. A non-annoying voice is also a must. I'm used to Craig Laughlin, and I do love him, but I'll be the first to admit he's difficult to be accustomed to.


Joel said...

Well Mike Lange does Radio now for the Pens. He is always amusing to say the least.
BTW: Thanks for answering my question. Its a shame that a team that has been there so long still struggles. But you guys have nothing on Chicago ;)
Keep up the good work

FS said...

While I respect Lange as a cultural icon, and I recognize the importance he has to the city of Pittsburgh, I cannot stand his play-by-play.

Anonymous said...

Bob Cole and Harry Neale

That is all.