Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Welcome to BHH's very own Western Conference playoff preview!

Today's preview will cover the Western Conference, while tomorrow's cover shall cover the Eatsern conference.

In looking at who is going to win in the Western Conference, I have taken an arbitrary statistic, and used that statistic to determine who is going to win each round in the series! For this western conference in the first round, we're going to use team Face-off percentage! I'm going to look at team short handed goal differential, that is team short handed goals for minus team short handed goals against, and I'm going to use that stat to determine who is going to win each round.

For all the trolls who are ready to pounce on me, this is not meant a serious exercise, get over yourselves.

So onto the predictions!

1. Detroit (12-11=+1) v Calgary (15-5=+10. A 10 to 1 victory for Calgry means that Calgary wins the series in 5.

2. Anaheim (4-4=Even) v Minnesota (9-8=+1). A really tight battle, but once again we see the upset. Minnesota in 7.

3. Vancouver (5-8=-3) v Dallas (3-6=-3). Well, they are tied. I'll give the advantage in this case to Vancouver since they have prettier uniforms, and one of the division winners is bound to advance.

4. Nashville (8-2=+6) v San Jose (7-4=+3). Nashville wins this one, meaning that if my completely illgocial manner of predicting the playoffs holds true, that both Turco and Thornton will continue to live up to their reputation of playoff chokers!

That's all for today folks! Check back tomorrow when I make my Eastern Conference predictions on another copmletely erroneous stat! And coming up soon, my end of the year awards, and the first annual Meggies!


Anonymous said...

I have a quick question
can you confirm the rumour that you have had homosexual fantasies about certain players on the Capitals?

FS said...

Not any current players for the Caps, but man Al Koken looks pretty cute in the right light.

Anonymous said...

lol good answer