Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lee Stempniak receives QO?

My policy on news is this: until I get it from a moderately reliable news source, I won't publish it on my blog without a caveat, or calling it a rumour.

Word on the street is that the Blues have extended a qualifying offer to their top goal scorer, Lee Stempniak. Talk about no-brainers, Stempniak made $450,000 last year, so the qualifying offer will be $495,000. Not bad for a guy that scored 27 goals. In an equally obvious statement, don't expect Stempniak to sign the QO. Expect the teams to work on a contract after the draft with Stempniak opting for arbitration if they are unable to sign one.

File this under "O" for obvious, but I'm just reporting the news.

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