Friday, July 27, 2007

Stupid News!

The free agent period is whimpering out. I don't find much joy in arguing if Brooks Laich is more like Jim Slater than Dominic Moore, so we enter the most boring part of the offseason.


Mike Comrie is dating Hillary Duff. The twenty-six year old center for the New York Islanders was been getting frisky with the nineteen year old actress. That's right, he's almost 50% older than her. Oh my gosh! They are holding hands!!!11 While I can't say I care anything about Mike Comrie, I can say that I thought the Lizzy Maguire show was great. Disney needs to put the rest of them out on DVD.


The Staal brothers got arrested after Eric Staal's bachelor party. Apparently Jordan and Eric got hauled off to the pokey after Eric's bachelor party spilled out into the street. Jordan apparently is especially in hot water after drinking before he's 21! Oh noes! I personally think this isn't that big a deal at all. It's unfortunate that it is happening during the offseason when there is nothing better to talk about. If you want to see a headline that can only be described as "puntastic" be sure to click here.


The Official beard of Alexei Yashin is tired of everyone hating on Alexei Yashin and his decision to go back to Russia. Yashin's longtime girlfriend, Carol Alt, was quoted in the Ottawa Citizen as saying "I think he needs to go where people understood him and where he's looked at like a God."

If I were to compare Yashin to a god, I would compare him to Eileithyia, the Greek god of midwives.

That's what's unimportant around the NHL this week. Hopefully something more important will happen between now and next week. Please?

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