Thursday, August 30, 2007

Caps' Radio News . . .

Well, I successfully managed to stay out of the fallout surrounding Ted's attack on WTEM 980 a few weeks back, but apparently I'm dragging myself into the fallout.

The Capitals announced today that they have a new two-year agreement with Bonneville Radio to air all Caps games on 820 and 1500 AM, and 107.7 FM, the series of stations known as 3WT.

Also, according to the release, the Caps will have an hour long talk show on Saturdays at 6 pm, as well as other promotional and community outreach programs on the station. If they could ditch Steve Kolbe and Ken Sabourin, we'd really be in business, but I think that's out of reach for now.

The question now on my mind is, did Ted Leonsis know this deal was looming before he attacked WTEM? I would think so. This certainly changes the way in which I view those attacks.

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