Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summit Series: Game 2

Godfrey? Out.
Varlamov? Out.

Canada? Up 2-0 after 2 as the ice in Ufa is beginning to resemble the ice in Buffalo back in May 1975 at the infamous "fog game."

Pierre McGuire is consistent though, with his usual hommerism that could best be descreibed as "Jeanerettesque."

Back for updates as the game plays out.

Update:Third period is underway, and it's just a lot of back and forth action. Back and forth to the penalty box.

I just saw one of those goals that should come back. When you are stickhandling with the puck, you shouldn't be able to body check the goalie while he's in the crease. I'm surprised that goal was allowed to stand as it pushes the score to 3-0 with under 10 minutes to go. It won't have much of an outcome on the final score, but man did that look bad.

In wacky canadian commercials news, Peter Krause (of "Sports Night" fame) will be in some new show called "Dirty, Sexy , Money." Good to see programs like that advertized during the daytime when the kids are still home for the summer.

In full time, we've got a 3-0 game for the Canadians, and the mystery of that wonky goal is revealed as the officials for this game are Canadians. That explains a lot.

Alzner with a steady game, but nothing spectacular like his diving stop in game 1. Hopefully Varlamov will be back in game 3, but who knows.

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