Thursday, September 27, 2007

Season Preview: Brian Sutherby

There is no way to describe Brian Sutherby's 2006-2007 season outside of calling it a disappointment. After ratcheting up 14 goals in '05-'06 as part of the Caps' effective "CBS" line alongside Ben Clymer and Matt Bradley, Sutherby saw his effectiveness and minutes drop after the unit was broken up to start the season. After 14 goals coming out of the lockout, Sutherby only managed half that last season. But it wasn't all gloom and doom for the 25 year old in '06-'07, getting practically the same amount of ice time, Sutherby's +/- increased to -9 after a -17 campaign, so his defensive abilities seem to be improving. Sutherby also picked up his first career power play goal, so that may be something he can hang his hat on.

This upcoming season, look for Sutherby to begin on the fourth line, trying to provide a spark for his linemates with his physical, belligerent play, and trying to chip in a goal or two in the mean time.

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