Saturday, September 29, 2007

Season Preview: Matt Pettinger

For Matt "Princess" Pettinger, it's pretty simple what he needs to do: stay healthy. In each of the two seasons since the lockout, Princess has had injury concerns, and as a result hasn't been able to play to his full potential. He missed 11 games in '05-'06 (although a couple of those were as a healthy scratch), and he missed 18 last year. If Matt can stay healthy, he can help this time a lot on the third line. If he's spending more time in the trainers room than in the weight room, it could be a rough season. As a result of the Caps' added depth, Pettinger will be moved from the second lien down to the third line, but this potent third line should still get plenty of ice time and score plenty of goals as Pettinger skates alongside Chris Clark and Boyd Gordon


Jefferson Q said...

I thought the Pettinger-Gordon-Clark line looked pretty solid last night. Hopefully they stay solid and uninjured through the season.

Anonymous said...
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