Friday, September 14, 2007

Season Preview: Tom Poti

Continuing our offseason preview, we come to the Caps' marquee offseason acquisition on the blueline, Tom Poti. If there is one thing Tom Poti is known for, it is being inconsistently inconsistent. He was booed out of town in Edmonton and with the Rangers, but was the number one defenseman on a playoff team on the Island last year. So which Poti will step forward? The consistent puck-moving defenseman that can chip in on the power play? Or the mistake-prone defender that can't get the puck out of the zone to save his life? This will be one of Coach Hanlon's biggest challenges this season, putting Tom Poti and players like him in situations where he can excel, and his mistakes will be minimized. I don't think anyone is expecting a Norris-like season out of Poti. Realistic expectations would be solid contribution on the power play, and minimal mistakes in his own end.

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