Friday, October 05, 2007

Ask FS! 10/6/07

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It's the triumphant return of the only ongoing blog column that has yet to endorse a political candidate for president! It's "Ask FS!" Today's question comes to us from Meghann in Bel Air. Meghann asks
What do you think will be the Caps best asset this year?
That's a great question Meghann! Although the Capitals claim their rebuilding is complete, I think their best asset is one they've slowly built up from the ground . . . the blogging community! I personally expect Peerless to break his career best in goals. I'll be around during the game tonight, bringing back the in-game blogging, and hopefully finishing up the season previews over the weekend.

If you have a question you'd like to see answered in a future edition of "Ask FS!" just leave it in the comments section below, or send me an email via the link in the profile. Until next time, Let's Go Caps!

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