Thursday, October 18, 2007

In game blogging. 10/18/07

I'll be doing the once around of ingame blogging tonight, so here's what we learned in the first period.

How weird was it seeing the first good play of the game come as a result of effort by Thomas Fleischmann? I must say it was nice

The PK seems to be fine with Pettinger out there, as he has a monster shift, killing a large portion of the penalty on Brashear all by himself.

The defense looked good, but Backstrom failed to pick up his man as he skated towards the net, and that allowed the back-door goal on Kolzig, to make our end of the first period score 1-0.

The best word to describe the second period is 'frustration.' Frustration with the officiating, with the power play, with the defense, but most importantly, with Joe Motzko. I don't care how banged up a team is, why is Joe Motzko allowed to play on the top line with Kozlov and Ovechkin, and constantly turn the puck over, while Chris Clark is slaving away on the third line? Why is Motzko allowed to turn the puck over on the PP repeatedly when Mike Green doesn't see the ice on the PP? Is it that hard to send Motzko back to Hershey, dress Sutherby on the fourth line, put Laich on the third line with a combination of Pettinger, Bradley, or Steckel, and move Clark up top? I don't understand why the coach insists on demoting a 30 goal scorer to give guys that can't do anything third and fourth chances.

Elsewhere in the period, David Steckel had a turnover 4 consecutive times he touched the puck. That's got to be some kind of record. Add him to the list of guys that should not be ahead of Sutherby on the depth chart.

You've got to give credit to the Islanders for taking chances where they get them, and it's 2-0 after 2.

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Victor said...

Guess I should do my part to get the Caps on another winning

Has the NHL's adoption of the two-referee system improved the flow of the game, or has it just proved two refs are twice as blind as one?