Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Season Preview: Michael Nylander

Michael Nylander is back in the fold, or as Locker will undoubtedly call him "Michael Michael Motorcycle" (the over/under is in the first intermission). After a period that saw Nylander go to first Boston and then New York, Nylander was the Caps' big splash this summer in the Free Agent market, luring him from Edmonton at the last mintue (or after the last minute if you are Kevin Lowe, what ever happened to the leagal action he threatened against the Caps, Nylander, and his agent?)

Nylander was brought in to be the Caps top center, and everyone assumed it was for Ovechkin. Except that Nylander was immediately paired with Semin on the Caps' "second line." So it's up to Nylander this year to get the puck to the other Alexander, and mentor that young Backstrom kid that everyone's been yakking so much about, And heck, maybe get the team back to the playoffs. One thing is for certain, he can rest a little easier knowing that Yonkman isn't on the club anymore.

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