Friday, November 02, 2007

Ask FS! 11/2/07

Welcome back loyal readers! It's time once again for the greatest online commentary since the series of tubes was first invented by Al Gore, it's "Ask FS!"

Today's question comes to us from Bob in North Carolina. Bob wonders
Who do you think is the most underrated Cap?

Great question Bob! If you had to ask me for my opinion, I'd say that Brian Sutherby is the most underrated Cap. It took him 11 team games to get in his second game, and boom, there's a goal. He hustles along the boards, he steps up for his teammates, and the Coaches think enough of him to make him an Alternate Captain whenever he's in the lineup.

Speaking of Brian Sutherby, check out the Brian Sutherby Fan Club, which is coauthored by yours truly.

That's it for this week, check back next time for another edition of "Ask FS!" If you have a question that you'd like to see in a future edition of "Ask FS!" leave it in the comments section below, or drop it in the email via the link provided in my profile. Until next time, "Let's Go Caps!"

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