Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Record, Shmeckord

Congrats to Nicklas Backstrom on becoming the first rookie EVER to record back to back 4 assist games. Think about that. In the 80+ years of the NHL it's never been done before. Not by Crosby. Not by Lemieux. Not by anyone. Of course, Gretzky was never a "rookie" in the NHL by league standards, so there's always that caveat.

So what is Backstrom's reward?

A Star of the night from the league at NHL.com? Nope.
At least he got props at ESPN.com in their post-game wrap-up. Except that they spelled his name wrong, and the link under it goes to the Minnesota Wild's goalie.

At the end of the day, the only place he got any credit at all for his record is from the Pittsburgh Media, who gave Mr. Backstrom Third Star of the game.

Props from the Pittsburgh Media? Who'd a thunk it.

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KJ said...

Caps are playing some great hockey right now! Glad to see things looking like they actually might be coming together. I really hope it continues!