Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've Never Been Prouder

As the Capitals headed into yet another skills competition following the completion of Wednesday's game against the Islanders, something happened in the arena that made me proud to be a Caps fan. A decent chunk of the crowd, (maybe a thousand) got up, and left. They left the game before the shootout, and that to me says more about the shootout than any focus group or Bettman spun logic EVER could.

God bless America.

Meanwhile, our owner is trying to stifle civic pride, and the Flyers keep on trucking.

I'll probably write more on the Ted thing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

civic pride is showing the anthem disrespect by not yelling like an ass... and don't give me this freedom of speech shit

Anonymous said...

He's not saying people shouldn't be allowed to say O!, he's saying that they just plain shouldn't. There's a difference.