Monday, February 25, 2008

Tampa - Vancouver rumour

With every other blogger out there publishing the latest trade deadline rumours, I figured I'd spend the next 26 hours making up my own rumours off the top of my head.

That said, here's what my sources are telling me is the latest juicy bit.

To Vancouver:
Brad Richards

To Tampa:
1st Round Pick
Alexander Edler
A Conditional Sedin

The way in which the Sedin is selected shall be determined by how far Vancouver advances in the playoffs. If Vancouver fails to make the playoffs, no Sedin shall be traded. If Vancouver advances to the first round, the Sedin shall be picked by rock, paper, scissors. Should Vancouver advance to the second round, the Sedin shall be determined by hot potato. Should Vancouver advance to the conference finals, the Sedin shall be picked in a thumb wrestling match between GMs Dave Nonis and Jay Feaster. Should Vancouver Make the Stanley Cup Finals, the Sedin shall be picked through an episode of American Gladiators (the old one, without Hulk Hogan). Should Vancouver win the Cup, Jay Feaster will simply take both Sedins, and Nave Nonis can suck it.

Check back through today and tomorrow for more fake trade rumours!

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