Monday, May 05, 2008

Your Offseason Primer

Another season, has come and gone, which brings us to the slow part of the year: The offseason.

BHH will be around all summer long to help you deal with the most adverse effects of hockey withdraw. We'll start off discussing the ways I think the league should change the game to improve it, and don't worry, I'm not about to suggest a glowing puck.

As May rolls into june, we'll be looking at what the Caps are looking like next year, and we'll analyze what the Caps should do in the free agent market (Hint: Not much).

We'll spend July looking at the moves other teams made throughout the summer and how teams will change this upcoming year.

And August will be preview time, as I do my patented player-by-player preview in time for training camp to start in September.

The hockey may be done, but there will be plenty of writing all summer long here at BHH!

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