Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ask FS! 11/15

Today's question flows in from Rick, in Boston Mass, who politely catechizes
What the heck ever happened to that bum Jim Carey?

As longtime Caps fans may know, Jim "Ace" Carey was the "franchise goaltender" for Washington for a little over 2 years, before being undressed by Pittsburgh in the playoffs and never properly recovering. He was dealt to boston along with Jason Allison and Anson Carter in exchange for Bill Ranford, Adam Oates, and the beloved Rick Tocchet. Carey never recovered, and is currently out of hockey.

FS managed to track down the Ace, and witness a night at a local watering hole. The following exchange occured.

Barmaid: What would you like to drink?
Carey: Anything but Molson.
Onlooker: Hey, don't I recognize you?
Carey: Of course you do! I was the ACE!!!!
Onlooker: For which team?
Carey: The Capitals!
Onlooker: Oh, you mean you served?
Carey: I won the Vezina!
Onlooker: Is that like a Bronze Star?
Carey breaks a bottle of PBR on the bar
Carey: Get your tail over here! I'll gut you like Malarchuck!

At this point FS fled the scene, fearing for his own saftey. But it is safe to say that Jim 'Ace' Carey is flourishing in his current career as Real Estate Mogul.

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