Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bettman must have been happy . . .

With the result of last night's Caps/Bruins game.

With Uncle Gary in attendance, we got to see lots of phantom hooking calls, a 5 on 3, no fighting, and a completely lack of intensity from either side. The crowd that was there was pretty bored as well. Even better the game ended in a skills competition, which always get's Uncle Gary extra happy.

It was nice to see Princess Pettinger on the board again, but it seems like the Caps just expected to have the game given to them. I also learned that Kessel is a very very very soft player. Or that he's scared of playing with the big boys. From a strategy point of view, it was interesting to see the Caps hit Chara everytime he was near the puck. It's one thing to try and be phyical with another team's superstar forward, it's another to be physical with the other teams 7 foot, 500 lb (stats exaggerated for literary effect) defenseman. You don't usually see Shoane Morrisonn pounding the other teams D that much. Hopefully the Caps will feel like playing when we play the Bs again on Saturday. You've got to get the points against the bad teams, that's how you move up in the Standings.

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