Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Ask FS!" 11/28

Hello again Sports Fans!
Today's seasonal question comes to us from Jason in LA, who inquires
Dear FS,
What is your favorite Christmas song?

Well Jason, FS is someone who has had Christmas music thrust upon him nearly every season of his adult life, there are very few Christmas songs that do not invoke violent tendencies in my subconscious. That said, when picking from traditional music done well, I don't think one can beat Neil Diamond, so in honor of the Caps' current losing streak, I would like to nominate "You Make it feel like Christmas."

When people ask how we stay together
I say you never let me down
And you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your song
All year long
Yes, you know that I do

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