Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Streak is Over!

They just weren't breathing through their eyelids properly. Next time they need to get the heads off of some chickens and rub the heads on their sticks. Or wear some women's underwear. Ok, that reference has gone on long enough.
And all of DirecTV subscribers were overjoyed to hear the lameness that is the Tampa Bay TV personalities. Note to morons: When your team is on a 5 on 3, don't complain that the refs aren't calling anything your way. When Martin St. Louis falls down a solid 5 seconds after the other player skates away, but it's still a penalty, don't complain about the refs. And when your team is on it's seventh power play and the other team has had three, don't say that the refs need to work on evening up the calls. You just look like morons.
And Tampa's aren't the only broadcasting crew that are exceedingly homerific. Carolina's are bad, as are Boston's (I don't know how they can complain about a stadium not being sold out, when they can't sell out their own). So what's the source? Maybe some announcers are told by management to be homers, and to make everything seem rosy even when they aren't It certainly keeps the heat off of management.
Some teams' announcers seem to have political-style talking points, that they go over ad nauseum in order to keep their team looking rosy:

  • All calls by the officials against their team are cheap calls, dives, make-up calls, or situations where the official was out of position
  • All calls by the officials for their team are long over-due, or obvious infractions that should have been double-minors or major penalties
  • All fans are not as good as our teams fans
  • If the stadium is full, it is because their fans travelled to fill it up (never mind we couldn't see them in the stands)
  • If the team isn't playing well, it is because of the officials, injury, or bad bounces. No team can outplay their team.
  • Our sponsors' commercials are HILARIOUS

It makes me wish more games were on national television, so we'd get more "neutral" announcers. Heh.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than watching a hockey game when the commentators are idiots.

No one is worst than the Penguins commentators. They just gush over Crosby and Malkin like they are the second coming.

I learned last evening that the Predators commentators are also extremely obnoxious.