Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Updating the site . . .

So I've been working on general things around the blog, trying to be everything that the surreptitiously-named "Bettman Hates Hockey!" can be.

Seriously folks, I don't really think that Bettman hates any form of hockey. Except for maybe field hockey, but I can't blame him there. They need to get scoring up if they want to attract more fans.

But getting back to what I was saying before my aside, I have been adding links to the Caps' blog community. Anyone that I've left out, let me know. If you've got a well-done NHL blog for another team, I might add it as well. And make sure you take the time to throw my blog in your links if you got linked to by me. To paraphrase Jay Sherman, READ MY BLOG!

1 comment:

Netsy said...

"The surreptitiously-named 'Bettman Hates Hockey'"? This blog was named in a secretive or stealthy manner? (Where's the ":blink:" smiley from the Caps boards when you need it?)