Friday, December 15, 2006

Ask FS! 12/15

Hi again, loyal readers! Today's question comes in from Steve, in Pennsylvania. Steve wants to know I am making my girlfriend a CD and I don't know what songs to put on it, so far I have "Your Body's a Wonderland," what else should I put on it?Well Steve, let me put together the best mixlist for your girlfriend ever. It's so good your mind will want you to dump your girlfriend and marry it.

The official "FS" songs list, guaranteed to blow her mind:

1. "Your Body is a Wonderland" - John Mayer
2. "Caribbean Queen" - Billy Ocean
3. "Rump Shaker" - Wrecks 'N' Effects
4. "Walkin' On Sunshine" - Katrina and the Waves
5. "Cherry, Cherry" - Neil Diamond
6. "Motown Philly" - Boyz II Men
7. "Dirty Frank" - Pearl Jam
8. "Rosanna" - Toto
9. "Dreamweaver" - Gary Wright
10. "Rape Me" - Nirvana
11. "Runaway" - Bon Jovi
12. "Open Arms" - Journey
13. "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" - REO Speedwagon
14. "Your Kiss is On My List" Hall and Oates
15. "Free Bird" -Lynard Skynard

These 15 songs wil help you get any chick EVER. Thanks for the question Steve, and remember, if you've got a question that you feel only FS can answer, drop me a line in the comments section. LET'S GO CAPS!


Rage said...

Chicks dig "Rape Me"? Seems counterintuitive. Then again, people liked "Who Let the Dogs/Dawgs Out" so... I guess life's weird.

Heather said...

I would marry someone who put Hall and Oates on a "woo me" CD like that.