Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Loser Round up!

So, what's the Atlanta Hockey World saying about last night's loss? Let's go see sour grapes in action! Are you ready to LAUGH!!!!!

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, whining about the waived off goal abounds!
Friday night Vigier scored the go-ahead goal with 5:55 left in regulation and had another goal disallowed in the second period when Eric Boulton was ruled to have interfered with Washington goalie Brent Johnson, despite video replays that showed Boulton stopping at the edge of the crease and being pushed into the goalie by Capitals' defenseman Steve Emminger.
I'm there with them on this one, but you know what? Neither of the penalties that lead to the 5 on 3 where penalties, and I don't know where that elbow on Heward came from. The first two periods were defined by bad officiating.

From the Thrashers' Website, about the lack of fisticuffs.
There was no apparent carry-over from the last meeting between the teams on Nov. 22 in Washington, a 4-2 Thrashers win that included nine major penalties for fighting. Washington's Donald Brashear was suspended for three games, while teammate Brian Sutherby and Atlanta's Scott Mellanby each earned one-game suspensions.

Hanlon and Hartley were fined $30,000 and $10,000, respectively, for shouting at each other from the benches and after the game.
Actually, the reason the coaches were fined had nothing to do with their own actions, it was entirely because of the instigators in the last 5 minutes rule. The Thrashers had one (Mellanby), so Hartley got 10K. The Caps had two (Brashear and Sutherby) so Hanlon got 10K + 20K. Man, even the Thrashers website got it wrong! Oh, wait. They were just linking to the recap, which is just an AP write-up. Oh, well. Someone might want to teach the boys that do the website some math though, the Thrashers are 7 points ahead in the Southeast, not 8.

Let's go see what the Cretins at the Thrasher's message boards were saying!!!
Give credit to Ovechkin, he made a play and won the game for a team that did deserve to win. It's hard to blame Kari when his defense fell asleep.

Ha! We showed him!

>Ovechkin and Washington
> wanted this game more.
I couldn't agree more.
That last play was pure hustle and desire.
If you're a Craps fan, that was absolute euphoria.
I'm not soooo.
Ummm . . . yeah! Take that?

Ok, so they aren't exactly reveling in it. Let's go find a blogger or two who's ticked, and see what they wrote! Oh, wait. The only Thrashers blogger I can find hasn't posted in almost a week. Drats.

In all seriousness, the hype machine failed to delivery on all the gonnery, just like many delivered. And no one in Thrashers land seems too upset about the loss. Maybe this great new Southern rivalry isn't as great as Uncle Gary wants us to believe?

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