Friday, December 22, 2006

Ask FS! 12/22

Welcome back, loyal readers! It's time once again for "Ask FS!," the online column that not only tells you where you can use the facilities, but even helps you wipe afterwards.

Today's question floats in from Bob, of Minnesota. Bob theorizes
What is the greatest sports team of all time?
Well, Bob, in the humble opinion of FS, the 2003-2004 Washington Capitals would win that one. They started with one of the 5 highest payrolls in the league, and finished the season 29th out of 30. That type of suckitude can only be described as greatness on an amazing level. Can you imagine if a team in baseball did that? (Sorry Baltimore, what's that? Can you speak a little louder? Oh). Ok then. Can you imagine if a local NFL team di-SORRY. THIS PORTION HAS BEEN CENSORED BY DANIEL SNYDER-. Now That's a joke! I honestly don't know what kind of comparison to make to basketball. I don't know anyone that pays attention to the NBA, so I don't really know what to write about them.

Anyways, enjoy beating the Christmas trees tonight, Caps.'Tis the season!
Let's Go Caps!

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