Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

When it rains it pours apparently.
Bryan Muir - Broken Ankle, out indefinitely
John Erskine - Broken Ankle, out indefinitely
Shoane Morrisonn - Flu, out until after X-Mas

So the Caps recalled Jeff Schultz, played one game with 5 d-men, and then recalled Lawrence Nycholat, making his Caps debut (entirely too late, IMO). I don't know if Nycho counts as an emergency call-up (thus exempting him from waivers), but he's expected to play tonight.

The Caps D-Corps tonight, complete with NHL career experience:
Pothier 216 games
Heward 333 games
Eminger 155 games
Green 55 games
Nycholat 9 games
Schultz 1 games

Total games: 769 games.

For reference, tonight's opponent, the Maple Leafs, have a combine 3,000 games of experience among their top six, with one player (McCabe) having more experience than the entire Caps defense combined.

In other news, Visor night was a success, and you can see me in the video here.
Video is courtesy of
I'm in the retro Stevens jersey. The event was mentioned on the Caps broadcast, on ESPN, on the Caps broadcast, and in the Washington Post and Washington Times print editions. Here's a video about it on You Tube, where they did interviews with the other two organizers, but no one felt like interviewing me, apparently. Good job guys. Now if only the team could actually win when we pull something like this.

Ask FS! Will be around later today for the Toronto/Caps game. Until then, everyone go out and get your X-Mas shopping finished, and get out of my way. I have one thing left to buy!

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CapsChick said...

Nice job on helping pull MSfM night together - it was clearly a great success! Almost makes up for the fact that the Caps lost last night...