Friday, December 29, 2006

"Ask FS!" 12/29

Hello again loyal readers, and welcome back to the only online advice column that is guaranteed 100% lactose free, "Ask FS!" today's question comes to us from Don, in Bronson, MO. Don wonders
Dear FS,
You seem to be a pretty with it guy. What do you enjoy to do your free time?
Well, Don, the insterests of FS are diverse, and complicated, but mostly I like making fun of people's foibles, causing strife among neighborhood cats, and working on my cheese manifesto! The rest of the time, I can be found arranging Beethoven's symphonies on the harmonica. I hope today has given you a great look into the life of FS, and I hope the Caps are able to eke out a win.

Remember, if you have a question you'd like to see appear in a future edition of "Ask FS!" just drop it in the questions section, or send me an email! Keep those questions coming folks, this thing doesn't write itself!

Let's Go Caps!

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