Monday, December 04, 2006

Let's be honest about a couple of things . . .

The Caps beat two solid teams this past week in Dallas and Buffalo, but let's try to keep our feet on the ground. Both teams had played games the previous night while the Caps rested. Dallas had to travel to DC from Chicago, and Buffalo traveled from upstate New York after an extended game against the Rangers.

This upcoming week the Caps play the Senators on Wednesday. The Caps will be resting while the Senators play on Long Island on Tuesday night. On Friday the Caps play the Ducks, who are now only mighty when one is describing their play. The Ducks also play Wednesday, but then have to fly across the country, and those of us that travel know how much fun it is to travel three time zones East.

The point is, a lot of Caps fans are patting themselves on the back saying "these are the types of games playoff teams like to win." I'm here to say these are the types of games that playoff teams have to win. When you catch a tired opponent, you put them away early, and don't let them in the game for a second. That's what the Caps have done against Buffalo and barely did against Dallas. Will this trend continue when a hot Ottawa team rolls in on Wednesday? We'll see. I doubt we'll see a repeat of the last time the Sens were in town.

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HC said...

I don't care :P A win is a win is a win is a win .... you have to take advantage of the schedule when you can. Also, did the Caps go into Boston as the second half of back-to-back missing half their team and still managed to force OT?