Sunday, December 03, 2006

Unruly fans

Congrats Philly! Your fans are no longer the worst in the league!
While the Sabres fans last night don't match the numbers Philly used to send to Landover, they surpassed the flyers fans in chants started, beers thrown on the ice, beers attempted thrown on the ice, but not making it, fans ejected, swings taken at yours truly, and just downright douchebaggery.

The Caps beat the Sabres, and the 2k fans that showed up in various shades of Gold/Blue or Red/Black had their numbers drastically thinned by the end of the match due to the fact that many were ejected from the game. The highlight of the game was when a dumb blonde chick tried to start a fight with another woman, and the second woman stiff-armed her and tried to walk away. So a 300 lb guy yelled at the woman for hitting a girl, and wound up to swing. Fortunately, FS stepped in and tied up the guy, who decided he didn't want to have to drop his beer to swing at FS.

What I want to know is, when is the NHL going to comment about Briere's flying elbow at AO's head just before Briere got lovetapped into his own boards? The silence when compared to AO's bump a minute later is surprising.


CapsChick said...

I was thinking the same thing last night - it wasn't until last year that I recall noticing how obnoxious they've become. Bandwagon fans are the worst, and those few individuals who pull this kind of stuff really give the majority of Buffalo fans a bad name. I certainly hope that when the Caps become good their fans, old and new, will have the decency and class to be respectful in their fandom.

Caps Nut said...

Well folks, what you're dealing with are yes people from Buffalo who don't know how to act in public but you also saw a bunch of NYC types who are jumping on the Buffaslug bandwagon simply because the Rangers and Islanders don't offer as much hope as the Buffaslugs do.

I remember in 1998 a Die-Hard Ranger fan I knew at the time was talking trash to me the whole time during the ECF about how Buffalo was going to win the Cup and all that jazz and I asked him about his Ranger alliegance and he said Buffalo is as much New York as the Rangers are.

To me that's like a Cincinnatti fan rooting for Cleveland or a Houston fan rooting for Dallas.