Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The power of tradition

Horrid game last night, but through it all, it's nice to see several traditions continue.

-The Murphy Call. Originated back in the 1980s for Larry Murphy, it has been used against any Caps defenseman when they returned if the fans didn't feel that they were physical enough. Other examples have included Kevin Hatcher and Phil Housely. Last night, the whooping was out in full force for Sergei Gonchar. For the record, Scott Stevens got a standing ovation upon his return to DC.

-The Caps choke against Pittsburgh. Do we realy need to go into this anymore? No? Ok. The good news is that if we play them in the playoffs this year, it's looking like it won't be until the second round at the earliest.

-Drunk Penguins fans. Why is it that when other teams fans come to a game, they are ten times worse behaved then the fans they have in their own building? Several fans were tossed last night, including the only two pens fans in my section, but there's been stories of Pens fans trying to start fights, there were several up in the stands during the game, and word on the street (though unconfirmed) is that there was a fight on the Metro heading north after the game. Stay classy Pittsburgh.

-Puck Fittsburgh signs, as given out by DC101. Of course, we choke whenever they are given out, so maybe we should move on.

Anyone else notice how the two "Superstars" played last night? Alex Ovechkin is supposed to be a sniper, who doesn't have playmaking ability, and therefore won't have as many points as Crosby. Crosby is supposed to be the playmaker who can see allt the parts of the ice, and may not score as many goals as Ovy, but will have more points by virtue of all of his assists. Last night's line: Ovechkin 0g 2A, 2pts. Crosby, 1-0-1. Oops.

Expect a sonnet sometime this afternoon or something, as I enjoyed doing that yesterday. Of course, today there is actually work piled on my desk, so we'll see.


CapsChick said...

Don't blame the 'Puck Fittsburgh' signs...we were choking long before those came to be and we'll continue to do so long after.

Rage said...

Are we the most unfortunate city in sports in regards to rivalries? Cowboys/Skins, Pens/Caps, what else? UGH.

FS said...

DC United owns the Metrostars/Red Bulls.

Victor said...

You forgot to mention the one time the fans didn't "whoop" Gonch--when he fell down for no apparent reason in the first. Under those circumstances, tho, I think Gonch would've preferred hearing the whoops.