Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sad, sad news.

As many may be aware, there is an amazingly attractive young lady at Caps games that occasionally does camera work for the team. FS has in the past labeled this young lady "Cute Camera Girl" for obvious reasons. Well, for only the second game last night (of the ones I've been in attendance at, at least), cute camera girl was in the house. FS was overjoyed to see her (and the outcome of the game wasn't too shabby either). Unfortunately, something caught FS's eye as his eye was caught by Cute Camera Girl. It appears that Cute Camera Girl is sporting a nice shiny new diamond ring on her left hand. *Sigh* FS is simply heart broken.

Ok, I am off to practice. I shall be back with some hard hitting journalism later.


HC said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that.

Or not.

I haven't decided.

Rage said...

Hey buddy, who are you working for now? Send me an email sometime. My last name at

Peace dude.

meghann said...

Sorry about that, i hope you pull though during this rough time.

Victor said...

She used to be in the pit right in front of 114, right? Not that I ever noticed.