Monday, January 29, 2007

All Hail King Floppa!

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, I'll be examining each of the big names on the trade market. These are not meant to be "trade rumours" that I heard from any "inside sources." This is meant to be a breakdown of potentially traded players, and a look at where they could land, based on team needs and the quality of prospects available on the farm. The first in our in-depth series looks at King Floppa himself, Peter Forsberg.

Forsberg is in meetings today with new Flyers GM Paul Holmgren to discuss his future with the club, a future that will undoubtedly lead him elsewhere for at least one last run at the cup. After that though, who knows? Here's what Forsberg could be up to at this time next year.
  • New York Rangers (3-1) . Remember, every player EVER wants to play for the Rangers at some point in their career. Larry Brooks said so. And if there's one player that has epitomized the Ranger's tradition of underachieving despite a high salary in the post-lockout world, it's been Forsberg. The Rangers have a couple of blue chip prospects that they could send to the Flyers in Montoya and Staal, or even a first round pick that could help the the Flyers possibly see 2 picks in the first half of the first round.
  • Geno's (5-1). This cross-town transfer would be a big pick up for a storied franchise, and Peter Forsberg is at a stage in his life where he needs to prove to the league that he's still hungry. And don't forget, Justin Timberlake at there once!!!!!
  • Ikea (10-1). Maybe a taste of home in an easy-to-put together fashion could help him figure out how to put his foot back together. Of course, I've always suspected Peter was missing a few parts. Imagine Peter trying to sell you the leksvik.
  • McFarlane Productions. (12-1). Lord knows he's spent enough time modeling for action figures.
  • Male Prostitute. (250-1). Don't tell me it couldn't happen.

Well that pretty much wraps up my expert analysis of Forsberg's options.


Anonymous said...

Blech! What a moron you are. This type of uninformed idiocy reduces the collective IQ of bloggers by at least 10 percentage points.

Netsy said...

Congratulations, FS-- your reduction of the collective IQ of bloggers has resulted in Flyers bloggers being pushed into negative numbers!

Anonymous said...

Honey, what Peter Forsberg is doing there?

OrderedChaos said...

Eh, c'mon people, it's pretty funny. Plus FS may have broken a record for most external links in a single sentence with the McFarlane bit. :)