Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pictures of Verizon Center improvements

I just got back from a concert at the Verizon Center and being the always-thinking type, I took my camera along and snapped some pictures of the new signs and paint jobs around the concourse, and a couple of other improvements.

First off, anyone that has a suite on the 300 level now has a seat on "Lexus Luxury Level." No, really.

But here's some pics of the new signage around VC, as well as an idea of the new color scheme. I took some pictures of the scoreboard, but they didn't really come out at all since it was tucked away up high.

This is the sign when you first enter, showing you the directions to go for upstairs and whatnot.

This is what the walls look like all over. A fresh set of paint, and an update to the color scheme.

The sign outside your section showing what section you are sitting in from the seating area.

A sign showing which section is which from the corridor approaching the sections themselves.

Brackets for the new HDTV monitors that are going to be going in. I guess the monitors themselves aren't quite ready yet.

I also have a couple of bad pictures of the scoreboard itself that I can publish if people really have a desire to see pictures of black blobs.

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