Monday, September 24, 2007

Season Preview: Mike Green

Continuing right along (I WILL finish this before openning night), we get to Mike Green. Green spent most of last season as a third pair d-man with the Caps with the occasional spell in Hershey. Mike started out the season well, but seemed to stagnate as the year progressed. The best way it seemed to describe Mike Green by the end of the year was that he was wildly inconsistent, and needed to learn how to make more smart plays, to which most will say "duh, he was a rookie, what do you expect?"

With the additions of Poti and Boumedienne, Mike Green faces an uphill battle this year for playing time in the NHL, and that may not be a bad thing, as lots of playing time in Hershey is probably better for him in the long run than 10-12 minutes a night in the NHL.

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