Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Season Preview: Milan Jurcina

Milan Jurcina came over towards the end of last season in a trade with Boston that was little more than highway robbery.In exchange for a 3rd round pick, the Caps got a defenseman that can play as a 4th defenseman on a solid club, or a 2nd defenseman on a bad club. Or a 6th defenseman on Anaheim, but that's not realistic.

Boston wanted Jurcina to be a puck-moving defenseman, but he didn't fit that role very well, and Washington seems to be successful in allowing him to be the physical d-man he can be. He'll most likely end up on the second pairing this year, and while he may be a stay-at-home defenseman, he's shown that he has a rocket from the point and isn't afraid to occasionally step up in the offensive zone.

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