Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What does an 0-6 start get you?

The axe aparently. Bob Hartley was fired as head coach of the Atlanta Thrashers today (so reports TSN), and while no one is really surprised, I'm shocked it was this quickly. I'm not really sure you can blame Bob Hartley for assembling a mediocre team, that honor goes to GM Don Waddell, who had a team barely hanging on last year at the trade deadline, so what did he do? Mortgage the team's future for the ability to win a single division and get swept in the playoffs. Unless this organization can get it turned around this year, Atlanta fans are going to be mighty disillusioned if they have to go through another rebuild, especially when it seems like the team isn't going to keep around star winger Marian Hossa after the season.

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