Thursday, November 22, 2007

Accentuate the Positives.

Did you hear the Caps have fired Hanlon today? It's in about 80 other places, and I doubt people come here for the hard hitting news. Especially since I never have it. This is where people come for their fluff pieces. Maybe better days are ahead.

It's hard to keep a blog going when the team is so atrocious it makes your hurt to think about it. So you take the positives where you can. You start a fan club based on your favorite player. Then the player gets traded for a draft pick.

So you drag yourself to a game, knowing that the hockey team is driving you to drink. And we have to look for the positives.

1. Yes, cute camera girl was at the game, making her triumphant return to both the corner she patrols, and my heart.

2. Bob McDonald is one of the best singers of the national anthem around. Anytime he is there to sing the anthem, at least the game gets off to a good start.

3. Verizon Center serves Stella Artois. The greatest beer ever. It may cost $7 a pop, but at least it makes it easier to laugh at how bad this team can be.

Hopefully with new coach Bruce Boudreau there are better days ahead. At least the players are getting yelled at a lot more. They've earned that.


usually frustrated caps fan said...

All good points, especiallly abot the Stella but after today's game in Philly where the Caps showed up and played 60+ minutes of hockey I'm back to being, perhaps foolishly, optimistic. Can't wait till tommarrow's game. More of my musings at:

Victor said...

Dang, there goes my next question for 'Ask FS.' But I figured you probably saw CCG waaaay before I did.

Rick Marnon said...

Washington could be a great team, but they do not have enough role players. They need guys like Draper and Maltby. Guys like this would make them a tough team to beat.