Monday, November 26, 2007

Ask FS! 11/26/07

Welcome back sports fans! It's time once again for the only online column to lose all it's toes to Frostbite! It's time once again for "Ask FS!"

Today's question comes to us from Anonymous who wonders,
Will Kozlov be a 20 goal scorer for us this season? Right now he's on pace for 12. What is wrong with him this season? Can you explain his inconsistent play thus far? During his good games, he looks amazing, but most games he barely seems to try out there.

I think the problem with Kozlov is that fans had expectations of him that were too high. This wasn't a signing that was meant to "replace Zubrus" or "be a great linemate for Ovechkin." I always felt that the plan with Kozlov was that he could come in and be an extra center/winger that could play on top lines, and be a center until Backstrom was ready. He also is supposed to be good in a shootout. Then he could switch back to wing. He wasn't very expensive, wasn't signed too long, and he's friends with Ovy. Based on all that, I think Kozlov has been just fine. He scored 20 last year, but remember, that was a career season for him. I always felt like Kozlov was a "just in case" signing, just in case Fehr wasn't ready, or Fleischmann couldn't cut it, or Backstrom struggled, or Nylander didn't get locked up. He wasn't too expensive, nor was he signed for very long ($2.5m for 2 years) and I feel he's doing his job. Would I like to see him score more goals? Sure. But you could say that about almost all of the Caps' forwards at this point.

That's it for this time, folks. If you have a question you'd like to see asked in a future edition of "Ask FS!" make sure to leave it in the comments section below, or send to me via an email in the link provided in the profile. Until Next Time, Let's Go Caps!

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