Saturday, February 10, 2007

In game blogging 2/10/07

Caps and Rangers in progress.

1st Period.

If you ever wanted to know what's wrong with the NHL, tonight is a perfect example of it .
The Rangers are bare hugging the caps every time they have the puck in the offensive zone with out a call. They are setting picks in the offensive zone with no call. They are running Olie Kolzig repeatedly, knocking him down on three occasions, without a call. Yet the other way, Lunquist goes down without any actual contact, and gets the call. There should have been TWO additional rangers penalties on that play, Lunquist for diving, and Hollweg for instigating, yet neither was called.

For some weird reason, the Caps scratched Clymer, despite his tenacious play (including a goal) last game. Let's hope this isn't injury related.

Did Comcast Sports Net fire their replay guys? Because they sure aren't showing many tonight.

Annoying trumpet guy is in the house, makes me almost glad my basketball league ran late tonight, preventing me from going.

2nd Period

So in light of what I said about the Rangers setting picks in the previous period, I started a tally on the number of picks set by them in the second, and got to 5. That's FIVE minor penalties that should have been called but weren't.
Unfortunately, Clark got 2 minutes for having the stick slashed out of his hands, and the Rangers score on a nice rebound shot to make it 2-1. Now both teams have a lucky goal, as that rebound took a perfect bounce off a rangers skate to set up Hossa.

Good fight by Brashear. I'm still wondering why there wasn't an instigator in the first period on that fight. It was pretty much a textbook case right there.

The Caps need to send Boston a dozen flowers for giving us Milan Jurcina. He continues to impress with his physical play.

I want to personally thank Locker for promising not to wear high heels during the "Hockey And Heels" promo that the Caps are doing.

Ok, back down for the third. I'll be back sometime after the game to wrap things up.

3rd Period

After thirty bear hugs, that weren't called, a bear hug is finally called and the Caps get another fluky goal.

But of course, the officiating won't let this be a good game or anything, because Avery goes down, elbows Olie in the head, which translates to two for roughing on Olie.

Our pick count for this period was 4, bringing our total for the game (that I saw) to 15. That's FIFTEEN minor penalties that should have been called but weren't.

Anyone know where Joe B was? I'm tired of hearing Koken call Ovechkin "Jagr" and him calling Lundquist "Lundmark."

The NHL needs to look at today's game as a textbook example of why the NHL is bleeding fans.

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