Thursday, February 01, 2007

In game blogging! Caps/Cats

I promised that I'd bring this back eventually, and we finally have a game that I am home for, so let's talk about what happened.

Period 1

The Caps come out flat, what a shocker, and the boys are just going down 1-0 as I get the game on. Olie is in net, which is funny because Johnny was supposed to start tonight. What's even funnier is that Darren is backing up after being assigned to South Carolina earlier today. That makes quite a difference in your pay.

The highlight in the "oops" category has to be Nycholat attempting to clear the crease after a freeze and almost taking off Zubie's head with an elbow.

Zednik is doing what he does best, driving the wing, creating mediocre scoring chances, and drawing the occasional penalty. I'll take that, it gets the puck out of our end. I'm just surprised teams haven't picked up on his one move. I think Zednik has now done more than Friesen has in his post-operation career with the Caps.

Comcast is off tonight, the picture is bad, probably the worst I've ever seen. Is everybody in Miami too focused on the Super Bowl to pay attention to making a hockey game watchable? Come on folks, it's not that difficult. Joe B is off his game as well. After Semin takes a dumb penalty, Joe B says "It works out for the Caps, but Alexander still hangs his head in shame." Ummm . . . Joe? He's hanging his head because he took a STUPID unnecessary penalty. Another Joe B screw up would be "Florida looks for the equalizer here, I mean, they look to pad their lead."

By the way, someone go yell at Semin for that stupid penalty that lead to the 2-0 lead. Some decent PP work makes it 2-1, and almost ties it up, but the goal went in a second or so after the horn. That, boys and girls, is why you always ask for the refs to give you an extra second or two. 90 seconds of PP time on the fresh ice when we get going with the second period.

Second Period

Well, it all comes down to special teams, don't it. The Caps don't score on their penalty, or their 5 on 3. The Cats get a series of 5 on 3, a couple of transition goals, and poof. It's 5-1.

The Comcast Sportsnet Crew continues to stink, I enjoyed the four or five second shot of the the back of the referee's sweater while game was in play. I'm also enjoying the replays that aren't showing of all the penalties.

That's about all I can say about that period without putting my foot through my monitor, so I'm heading back downstaris. Don't expect a third period update, I'll be watching UVa/Duke.

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