Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ask FS! 2/3/07

Welcome back loyal readers, it's time once again for the online column that always stares directly at the sun, Ask FS! Today's question comes from Nolan in Baton Rogue. Nolan wonders,
What do you think the Caps are missing from being a playoff team?
Thanks for the question Nolan! For those living under a rock, the Caps were in playoff contention all the way through Christmas. Since Christmas, the injury bug, the flu bug, and the not playing all that well bug have completely destroyed any realistic likelihood the Caps had at making the playoffs. But for those who have not heard. SALVATION IS HERE!
Do not whine Caps fans, for George McPhee has made the move that is guaranteed to lead the team to the promised land, acquiring Milan Jurcina from the Boston Bruins for a conditional draft pick in 2008. Shoot, we'll already have 2 Stanley Cups by the time that. God bless our genius GM for saving the season. Now let's beat the Pens. Jurcina with four goals by the end of the first period!

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