Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Trade Day Recap!

Another NHL trading deadline has come and passed. Superstars were traded for numbers and players you've never heard of, and in the end, it's usually the guys that got the superstars that leave you wondering "What the hell?"

So without further ado, I present to you my comprehensive (in the sense I'll talk about all the trades I want to) trading deadline recap.

February 23
CAR receives: Anson Carter
CLB receives: 5th round pick

how far has Anson Carter's stock fallen since the lockout? The former 30 goal scorer can't even fetch more than a mid 5th round pick. At one point it took Jaromir Jagr and $20 million to pry him away from the Rangers.

February 24
PHI: Braydon Coburn
ATL: Alexei Zhitnik

As much as Zhitnik has struggled recently, one has to wonder what the heck Thrashers GM Don Waddell is thinking, giving up a former top 10 pick for Zhitnik. The acquisition of Zhitnik a few months ago seems slightly less stupid. If we didn't know any better, people would start to think that the Flyers knew what they were doing.

February 25
ATL: Keith Tkachuk, 3 Krispy Kreme franchises
STL: Glen Metropolit, 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks.

Caps fans everywhere screamed "Why couldn't they take Jon Sim!" St. Louis fans everywhere screamed "Thanks!"

February 26
CHI: Jason Williams
DET: Kyle Calder
PHI: Lasse Kukkonen, 3rd

In our first (and unfortunately only) three-way of the season, teams swap big dissapointments. It'd be like getting a video of a three-way between Joey Lawrence, Mayim Bialik, and Jenna Van Oy, and realizing that it was filmed in 2006, not 1996.

NYI: Richard Zednik
WAS: 2nd

The Islanders take one step closer to putting back together the Washington Capitals team that went to the finals in '98, reuniting Zednik with former teammates Brendan Witt and Chris Simon.

February 27

TOR: Yannic Perrault, 5th
PHX: Brendan Bell, 2nd

Just for clarification, Yannic Perrault was one of those free agents that NO ONE wanted during the summer, right? And now the Maple Leafs are giving up their future just to get a guy they should have signed in the off season, just to MAYBE squeak into the playoffs, right? Way to go, JFJ!

ATL: Pacal Dupuis, 3rd
NYR: Alex Bourret

Continuing the trend of GM's mortgaging their future in order to keep their jobs, at least Atlant a GM Don Waddell can now claim he has one pick in the 2007 draft.

DET: Todd Bertuzzi
FLA: Shawn Matthias, a half dozen conditional draft picks.

I'm wondering if one of the conditions of this trade was Bertuzzi getting off the plane without getting hurt.

PIT: Joel Kwiatkowski
FLA: 4th round pick.

Wow. Highway robbery. Has Pittsburgh ever actually seen Kwiatkowski play? No seriously. Have they?

DAL: Matthias Norstrom, Konstantin Pushkarev, 3rd, 4th
LAK: Jaroslav Modry, Johann Fransson, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

In the most complicated trade of the day, the real loser is whoever had to wade through this at the NHL office and approve this mess when there were thirty other trades to go through. He's just sitting down looking at this going "Why can't approve Heward to the Kings for a conditional pick! Why did they stick me with this!"

NYI: Ryan Smyth
EDM: Robert Nilson, Ryan O'Marra, 1st, the letter 'I'

Half of Alberta collectively weeps. The other half laughs at them. The rest of the world rolls their eyes and tells them to get over themselves.

Sorry this took so long to get up, but I've been under the weather. Enjoy the afternoon, and check back later for "Ask FS!"


Meghann said...

What about Hale and a 5th round pick from NJ to the Flames for a 3rd round pick?

FS said...

I obviously didn't do every trade. Had I done that, I'd be sitting around thinking up lamer and lamer jokes until no one wanted to read this ever again.

Victor said...

The Islanders take one step closer to putting back together the Washington Capitals team that went to the finals in '98...
Fortunately, I had swallowed my stout about 2 seconds before reading that.